Getting their skates on to build new Bellshill facility

Engineers John Armstrong (left) and John Gallagher on site.
Engineers John Armstrong (left) and John Gallagher on site.

Construction work has started on a new skatepark in Bellshill, two years after a Facebook campaign first suggested the idea.

The £48,000 facility was first called for by teenager Corey Bell and following a public consultation the Bellshill & District Local Area Partnership approved funding last year.

Aqua Specialist Environmental Services LTD were awarded the contract and their engineers are now busy on the site near the entrance of Cardinal Newman High creating a range of skate and BMX obstacles.

Civil engineer John Armstrong said: “We started on site earlier this month and while the colder weather is not helping, with things like getting the concrete set the project is progressing well.

“Anyone who visits the site will be able to see things start to take shape and the likes of the bowl are nearly finished.

“We are specialised engineers so this is the type of work we carry out and the people can expect a top end facility.

“Aqua has carried out work like this all over the country and we are no strangers to North Lanarkshire with the recently created skatepark behind the Commercial Hotel in Wishaw being one of ours.

“In total there are 18 to be constructed in North Lanarkshire and weather permitting we would expect to be finished in the next three weeks or so.

“I am actually completing my HND at the moment so it’s great to be gaining such valuable experience in the field and it’s going to be sweet when it’s done.”

North Lanarkshire Council’s local regeneration manager added: “The skate park is progressing well and should be completed within the next three weeks.

In conjunction with Culture NL, Play Services we are planning an official opening and believe this will be a real asset for young people in the area.”

Corey is delighted the initial idea he had as had as a 16-year-old has had a positive impact.

He said: “I plan on using the skatepark as I still BMX, but I did this for the younger generation as they will have somewhere to go and it will keep them of the streets.

“I also plan to open a BMX/skate shop in Bellshill for young people to get started and try to keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

“This just proves that no prove matter what age you are if you get your voice out there then you can still achieve great things.”