ECS’s investment in staff is rewarded

ECS director Chris Fink shows off some of the company's work to TV presenter Suzi Perry
ECS director Chris Fink shows off some of the company's work to TV presenter Suzi Perry

Effective Consumable Solutions, which operates as Tinto Toner in Bellshill, has received Investors in People accreditation.

ECS found that investing in training has helped increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improved staff morale and aided the research and development of new products and services.

CEO Felicity Rabbitte said: “At ECS we believe it’s how we empower our individuals that make our people our greatest asset. The truly engaged and talented people that come to work every day are the real asset of our company.

“We see the primary purpose of our organisation is to assemble a group of people, who previously may have had no association, and empower them to accomplish productive work toward our organisation’s objectives.

“We have found that more effective empowerment typically equals more productive work. Our leaders and managers are familiar with empowering people, they organise them into divisions, units, groups and teams. They provide goals and incentives to motivate them and we enable them with authority, tools, resources and processes.

“ECS’s well-trained managers have the confidence to lead effectively and communicate the company’s visions and goals for the future to our staff.

“Our effective management team can deal with the challenges of a competitive market (especially in today’s tough economic climate) and with continuous training we hope to achieve the ultimate team of professionals that will stay loyal to our company.

“Building a strong leadership pipeline is seen as critical to sustaining our business success. Making an effort to promote from within whenever possible is a goal we strive to accomplish.

“This concept helps to align development efforts within ECS and keep our culture and business processes intact.”

ECS, which also operates out of Misterton, South Yorkshire, is now one of 15,000 organisations in 75 countries to receive Investors in People accreditation.

Paul Devoy, head of Investors in People, said: “Achieving the Investors in People Standard is something any organisation should be proud of and we’d like to congratulate ECS on their achievement.”

ECS director Chris Fink added: “Our business is built on the support of our clients and for that we need a motivated and passionate team.

“We pride ourselves on retaining great staff through ongoing staff development and fostering an enjoyable work space. We are delighted and proud to now be IIP accredited.”