CAB launch ‘sanctions’ campaign

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Motherwell & Wishaw CAB has launched an information campaign due to the number of ‘sanctions’ imposed on people looking for work.

Since April, a significant number of the local citizen’s advice bureau’s job seekers enquiries have been raised by people who have had their benefits cut or stopped for breaking their jobseeking agreement.

People can be sanctioned for months, and in that time they receive no money at all, so are unable to pay even their essential living costs - like housing, food or fuel.

CAB general manager Audrey Cuthbertson said: “The campaign tells local people in a practical way how to avoid getting a sanction, and what to do if you get one.

“We are publishing a ‘Survival Guide’ for jobseekers, telling them in simple terms what circumstances will lead to a sanction, what they can do to challenge a decision and how they can survive if their money is stopped.

“This latter section of the guide lists local agencies and charities who can provide emergency help, such as foodbanks. This information can of course be used by anyone who is in poverty, regardless of whether this results from a sanction or not.”

In addition to publishing the survival guide, the CAB is also giving special training to its advisers, enabling them to offer the best possible advice to people who have had their benefit stopped.

All the info is also available here