Burst pipe causes road to collapse

The junction is outside Bellshill Cultural Centre
The junction is outside Bellshill Cultural Centre

A burst water main has been revealed as cause of a massive pothole at the junction of John Street and Motherwell Road in Bellshill.

What started as a small amount of damage to the road surface quickly grew to cover the entire expanse of the junction and became ever more obvious as the recent heavy rain filled it with water.

Drivers negotiating the junction risked their suspension driving over the ever deepening hole.

North Lanarkshire Council carried out a temporary repair over the weekend and the junction was then closed on Sunday night to allow Scottish Water to investigate fully.

They quickly found the cause of the burst main and repaired it, before turning their attention to repairing the road surface which subsequently allowed the junction to be reopened on Monday.

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “A small break in the water main was identified and replaced with a new piece of pipe.

“There was no significant disruption, but we were keen to get it done as quickly as possible.”