Burger off with drive-through plan

Andrew Robertson at Arc Car Wash
Andrew Robertson at Arc Car Wash

The operator of a Flemington car wash has told of his horror after finding out McDonald’s wants to open a drive-through on the site.

Locate Developments Limited has submitted a planning application to North Lanarkshire Council for a 453 sq m restaurant with 41 parking spaces at 353 Craigneuk Street.

The application has attracted 80 comments on the council’s e-planning website, with the vast majority objecting to the development.

Among them is Andrew Robertson who has run the Arc car wash on the site for the past 18 years.

He said: “It seems the development company are desperate to buy this land and are trying anything, so presumably if they get planning permission then they’ll go back to our company with an offer.

“I know there is an agreement in place that if a decent offer is made then the site will be sold, I wasn’t too happy when there was an attempt last year to sell it to Tesco.

“I am a site operator, they don’t like to call it a franchise, and legally I don’t know where I stand. Last year I was happy to let it roll and see what happened but I will need to seek advice.

“Business was down last year due to the weather, but it’s picked up again and hopefully will continue to grow over the summer.

“Lots of local residents have made objections, which I am absolutely delighted by, so hopefully the council will see sense.”

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