‘Bomb squad’ called out for false alarm

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The ‘bomb squad’ were dispatched to Muirhouse on Saturday, with rumours circulating a hand grenade had been found.

The object was discovered towards the Shields Glen end of Muirhouse Avenue at around 7pm.

Experts from the British Army’s Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) responsible for counter terrorist Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) were quickly called to the scene.

After making the location secure they began their investigation of the mysterious object.

However, they were quickly satisfied that the so-called ‘grenade’ was what was termed as ‘ a non-ammunition item’ and that there would have been no danger to any member of the public.

A spokeswomen for the British Army said it is better to report finding such items, rather than run the risk it could be something deadly.

She said: “Obviously if someone sees anything suspicious, we’d rather people erred on the side of caution and reported it to the police.

“We’d rather come out for something that turned out to be nothing than it be dangerous and no-one report it.”

Excitement built on social media sites Twitter and Facebook as people wondered what was going on.

Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer PC Bill Ballantyne said: “All the proper procedures were followed and happily on this occasion there was no danger to members of the public.”