Blue badge holders get tickets

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Disabled drivers at a Motherwell tower block who received parking tickets have been told they will be ripped up.

In July Motherwell Shopping Centre owners Chester Properties and North Lanarkshire Council reached agreement for blue badge holders at Brandon Court to use spaces near the tower.

However, a delay in having bays marked out for them meant car park attendants have been issuing tickets.

One resident said: “We were sure we could park there, but some people got tickets, so were a bit confused.

“The parking attendants are lovely, but said they simply weren’t aware of any agreement in place to allow us any special parking privileges.”

Chester Properties director William Gear said: “The agreement over the additional spaces for blue badge holders at Brandon Court is in place, but there has been a delay in marking out the spaces.

“We are trying to get than work done as soon as possible and we would ask residents to bear with us till that happens.

“In the meantime any blue badge holder who has been affected should take their ticket to the centre manager’s officer to have it rescinded.”