Bid to claw back disabled blue parking badges

HUNDREDS of disabled parking badges are still in circulation in North Lanarkshire after the permit-holders have died.

Now an operation by anti-fraud officers to ensure these are returned and the system isn’t abused has been hailed a success.

North Lanarkshire Council assisted the National Fraud Initiative in the Blue Badge exercise last year and a council spokesman said: “There were 594 cases where the permit-holder is recorded on central government department records as deceased.

“To date, the council’s housing and social work services have cancelled 257 badges as a result. However, no cases have been identified where badges appear to have been obtained fraudulently.”

The council is keen to point out that there’s no suggestion every permit that hasn’t been returned is being used fraudulently by relatives of the deceased. It acknowledges that relatives might simply have not got round to handing the permits back.

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