Bellshill teenager praised for good deed

WELL DONE . . . Kieron is thanked by Chief Inspector Alex Graham.
WELL DONE . . . Kieron is thanked by Chief Inspector Alex Graham.

A BELLSHILL teenager has been praised for his honesty - after handing in a purse containing £400 to the local police office.

Kieron McMahon (14) found the purse as he walked through James Demsey Way with friends last Saturday.

And the Cardinal Newman pupil headed straight for Bellshill police office with the lost property.

The owner of the purse was delighted to learn that it had been handed in and rewarded Kieron for his honest actions.

Chief Inspector Alex Graham, Area Commander at Bellshill, met with Kieron and praised him for dutifully handing the purse in.

He said: “It is encouraging to see that the youth of today still have good moral values of the past and are trustworthy.

“It was not long ago that we were sending a strong message to the youths who hang about at James Dempsey Way in relation to damage caused to the lights and benches.

“Now we are finding the vandalism has stopped and the young people are doing good deeds.

“Kieron and his friends were aware that it is an offence to keep anything you find and did the right thing by handing the purse in to the police office.

“This has not only got him a reward, but saved the woman who lost the purse a great deal of stress.

“I congratulate and thank Kieron and his friends.”