Bedroom tax lights a fire under protestors

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Angry tenants have burned their Bedroom Tax demand letters in a noisy protest staged outside the council’s Viewpark housing office.

A crowd gathered on Thursday to watch housing department official correspondence being 
incinerated in a portable barbecue.

The Viewpark Against the Bedroom Tax rally was said to be the first 
of many to bring together protesters from different areas.

Organiser Joshua Brown said: “The anger and frustration shown by Viewpark tenants is down to the council doing the Tories’ work for them - North Lanarkshire Council should have declared a ‘no evictions’ policy from the start.

“It’s the first time people already on the breadline have been forced beneath it, and it is creating major hardship.”

Local man Billy McMillan said: “Some people are being hit with charges of £8 or £9 per week they cannot afford to pay - but in other cases it’s as high as £15 or £16.

“There’s no way they can downsize to smaller properties in their own area, because there aren’t any.”

Viewpark grandmother Linda Young said: “I have two small rooms where I look after my grandchildren, one of whom is autistic. But that isn’t taken into account and they want £32 a month extra - which is impossible.”