Battle of the bangers begins

Bellshill cross - Wendy Hesketh with hot dog stand
Bellshill cross - Wendy Hesketh with hot dog stand

Bellshill woman Wendy Hesketh insists she’d no idea her plan for a modest food stall would stir up such a storm among churchgoers.

And she says at least some of the people who have signed pre-formatted objection letters from the church might change their minds if they knew what her plan really entailed.

The single mum, who’s a qualified lawyer, wants to generate income in a way that will allow her to work flexible hours, but says she has no intention of working on Sundays, or late at night.

“I live in Bellshill and would be buying my produce in Bellshill,” she said.

“I really think many or even most local people would welcome a reasonably-priced service of the sort I want to run, and I’m very keen to put the minds of people at the church at rest - because I think they are worried what I had in mind was something very much larger.”

She added: “I think people may also be put off by the long hours mentioned in the application. In fact I only went down that route because I was told if I wanted to change the hours later it would cost me more money.

“I’d be happy operating for an hour or two at lunchtimes, Monday to Friday - there’s no way I’m going to be there while services are happening, or late at night either.”

Letters sent to the Bellshill Speaker supporting her scheme mainly stress the need to support local enterprise.

Local woman Andrea Coakley said: “So many businesses have shut down over the past couple of years due to the regeneration project and Tesco opening, that less and less people are using the Main Street opting instead for the one-stop-shop supermarkets.

“Support should be given to any person who can bring a new, local business into the area.”