Banking on Task Force

IN THE BANK  . . . members of the Bogus Caller Task Force with representatives of Airdrie Savings Bank.
IN THE BANK . . . members of the Bogus Caller Task Force with representatives of Airdrie Savings Bank.

BANK staff are being given special training in a bid to reduce ‘doorstep crime’.

Members of the North Lanarkshire Partnership and the Bogus Caller Task Force have teamed up with Airdrie Savings Bank for the project.

Doorstep crime ranges from bogus workers to distraction theft, with some victims even accompanied to the bank by fraudsters to withdraw large sums of cash.

As part of the latest crackdown on the crime in North Lanarkshire, police and trading standards officers visited the Airdrie Savings Bank in Airdrie to highlight the methods used.

Chief Inspector Brian Connel, area commander for Bellshill, is keen to support the Task Force and has taken a lead role.

He said: “As a division we are committed to reducing the number of people who are victims of crime and obviously a key part of this is to protect the vulnerable members of our communities.

“The partnership working on this project has created not only a very worthwhile education package but has provided ourselves and trading standards with an increased opportunity in bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

“Every officer shares my commitment to improving the quality of life for people living in North Lanarkshire and with the support of our partners we will robustly police this type of crime.”

William McCall, senior manager with the Airdrie Savings Bank, added: “Airdrie Savings Bank is delighted to assist the police and trading standards in getting the message across to the bank staff.

“It is very important that we are keeping abreast of how these types of criminals are conducting their business and by keeping an eye on how much people are withdrawing, then we can in turn help to keep them safe.”

Dave Roderick, North Lanarkshire trading standards manager, also backed the project.

He said: “Trading Standards is uniquely placed to take advantage of partnership opportunities with their wide-ranging remit and dedicated staff.

“This has been demonstrated by this initiative, which will not only provide householders with information on their consumer rights, but help prevent them becoming victims in their own home.”