Band plays on to help Bellshill church out after break-in

CASH BOOST: band members present their donation to the minister
CASH BOOST: band members present their donation to the minister

An accordion band in Bellshill has hit the right note by raising money for a church which was broken into recently.

Thieves caused a considerable amount of damage when they broke into Bellshill West Church in January.

When the Bellshill Britannia Accordion Band heard of the break-in and theft they decided to hold a fundraiser in the Imperial Function Suite.

The band, along with Thornliebank Accordion, Prince of Wales Accordion & Pride of Argyll Accordion Bands, entertained a sell out audience - and managed to raise over £1,100 which they handed over the church minister the Rev Agnes Moore.

Band chairman Barry Goldie said: “As part of the local community, we wanted to help the church in whatever way we could.

“I am delighted at the monies raised and that we were in some part, able to help ease the upset of the break-in.”

Mrs Moore added: “There was quite a bit of damage caused and we are very, very grateful to the band for giving their time to raise this money for us.

“We will be able put in a new fire door, repair the roof and replace items which were stolen.

“It’s always disappointing when something like a break-in takes place but it does restore your faith when people rally round to help in this way”.