B&M Bargains provide a wheely good service

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Octogenarian shopper Margaret Nolan enjoys her weekend trips to Motherwell for a look at the latest bargains, but

doesn’t always find it easy.

Despite having mobility issues she and her daughter Martine manage to get out most weekends - and a visit to Motherwell’s precinct after church is a favourite Sunday outing.

But one problem they;ve encountered is that Margaret is too frail to hold a basket on her knees as she is wheeled around by Martine.

For a time that seemed to mean she would be limited to the town’s supermarkets, which have shopping trollies you can attach to the front of a wheelchair.

But now B&M Bargains has become one of her favourite Motherwell shops, after Martine emailed the store’s head office asking if anything could be done to help.

A few days later she received a reply confirming a trolley would be sent to the local branch, and when they arrived that weekend were delighted to see it being wheeled out.

Although legislation requires that shops accommodate customers with different abilities, they do not always have a full range of products available to cater to all needs.

Martine said: “So if you think that a shop you use on a routine basis should have trollies suitable for you to use, write to them.

“You may be delighted by the response.”

She says she has had some very disappointing replies from some of the bigger high street names, but this hasn’t deterred her from writing to retail firms in her bid to get trollies introduced to all local shops.