Assault victim’s train platform terror

David Lander's victim feared he would fall into the path of a train at Glasgow Central.
David Lander's victim feared he would fall into the path of a train at Glasgow Central.

A Motherwell man cleared of murder had previously grabbed a stranger on a railway platform and threatened to shove him in front of a train.

The 60-year-old victim told this week how he feared for his life as his leg dangled over the platform edge.

He was then shocked to learn that the man responsible, David Lander, had been charged with murder just two weeks after being freed from prison over the station assault.

Earlier this month Lander (54) walked free from the High Court in Glasgow after a not proven verdict in the murder case. He had been accused of killing neighbour Gerry McGeough in Watson Street, Motherwell.

Lander had spent several months in custody after the assault at Glasgow Central’s low level in May 2014.

Eventually he admitted assaulting his fellow passenger by putting his arms around his body and threatening to push him in front of a train.

Lander was freed at Glasgow Sheriff Court in December last year and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work.

Two weeks later he was arrested again and charged with murdering Mr McGeough whose body was found on January 3.

He failed to carry out any of the community work as he was back in jail awaiting trial for the murder. The work order was eventually scrapped.

The platform victim is angry Lander didn’t get a jail sentence. He said: “I have just had Victim Support asking me for my views on sentences. I think the justice system is insane.

“I could have died when I heard Lander had been charged with murder. I’m seeing a psychologist after what he did to me.”

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