Asda clarifies trade loss fears


Supermarket chain Asda this week said that its proposed Viewpark store would have a less detrimental effect on Bellshill town centre than has been stated.

In last week’s Speaker we reported that North Lanarkshire Council officials had recommended refusal and said it had been estimated that Bellshill would lose around 27 per cent of trade.

However Asda said the 27 per cent referred to the turnover of the Viewpark store that would come from Bellshill, not the level of diverted trade.

Lynsey Ross, property communications manager for Asda Scotland, said: “This is a misreading of the committee report. The Council reports that this will have a 9.4 per cent impact on Bellshill town centre, not the 27 per cent stated.

“The store turnover however is expected to be less than the Asda UK national average and therefore the impact considered in the assessment of the application will actually be less, at 4.9 per cent.”