Are last orders looming at General Motors?

CALLING TIME?: The General Motors Social Club in Holytown
CALLING TIME?: The General Motors Social Club in Holytown

The long-established General Motors Social Club in 
Holytown was facing an 
uncertain future this week due to a financial crisis.

Around 80 members attended a special meeting on Saturday which was called to determine its future and examine how best to deal with its significant debts.

Despite rumours to the contrary, club treasurer Norman Boyd insisted that the club had not gone into voluntary liquidation but admitted that officials don’t know what the future holds.

And while the club in Melrose Avenue remained open for business this week, no bookings for private functions are being taken until the club’s future is settled.

Mr Boyd said: “The feeling of the meeting was that we did not want the club to close.

“But everything is in limbo at the moment. We have not gone into liquidation but we are taking advice from accountants on where we go from here and what our options are.

“Hopefully we should have a clearer picture within the next 10 to 14 days. There are a couple of people who have expressed an interest in taking the club over but nothing has been agreed as yet.”

Mr Boyd would not go into details on the level of debt facing the club which has been in existence for over 40 years.Holytown councillor Jimmy Coyle said he was sorry to see the club facing a financial crisis but hoped a long-term solution could be found.

He said: “As the local member I am very disappointed and saddened at the problems the club is facing.

“The General Motors Club has been at the centre of life in Holytown for many years and it is very unfortunate that it is in the position it now faces.

“We can only hope that if there is a prospective buyer in the wings, they could come in and restore the club to its former glory.”