All systems go for Operation Myriad

THOROUGH . . . officers carried out roadside checks in Bellshill.
THOROUGH . . . officers carried out roadside checks in Bellshill.
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MOTHERWELL and Bellshill were included in a Lanarkshire-wide police operation to crack down on vehicle related crime.

Operation Myraid targeted itinerant metal dealers, rogue traders and businesses operating in metal dealing that are not adhering to lawful registrations.

Officers from Strathclyde Police teamed up with those from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), North and South Lanarkshire Trading Standards and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) for the operation on January 25.

A day of action was held with a number of premises throughout the county visited to ensure the relevant businesses were licensed and operating within the law.

The businesses in question were linked to the motor trade, breakers yards, metal dealers and itinerant metal dealers, while there were also a number of stop check locations at roadsides.

Superintendent Elaine Ferguson said: “Unfortunately we see organised crime groups setting up as legitimate businesses who are trying to operate under the radar.

“These operations allow us to uncover the front of the business which on many occasions shows underhand dealings in the background during the course of investigation.

“There have been a number of offences detected by all those parties involved which shows that this type of operation is well worth completing and revisiting in the future.

“Some of the offences found within business premises display a total disregard for the safety and rights of the public and I would hope that a strong message has gone out to the owners of these businesses that it will not be tolerated.

“Likewise, for those people who are dealing in metals and cars, they have got to realise that they should only be operating with the necessary licences and under the relevant authority as restrictions are in place to safeguard the community. This too will continue to be enforced.”