All in a lunchtime’s work for hero Holly

Holly McCusker and teacher Yvonne Savage at Dalziel High School.
Holly McCusker and teacher Yvonne Savage at Dalziel High School.

A sixth year pupil at Dalziel High School is being hailed a Good Samaritan after dashing on to a busy road to help an injured man.

While drivers apparently ignored the stricken pedestrian, 17-year-old Holly McCusker tended his wounds and checked him out for concussion before a passer-by helped her carry him off the road.

Modest Holly, who lives in Motherwell, said: “If that was me lying on the road I would want someone to do the same. Knowing I could help, it wouldn’t have been right for me to walk away.”

Holly was on her lunch break last Thursday when a friend pointed out the man on the road, near the junction with The Loaning.

She said: “Instinct kicked in and I ran on to the road. The guy looked to be in a lot of pain.

“I’ve had some first aid lessons, but that was back in primary seven! I remember a little bit and was able to check him for concussion and tried to stop the wounds bleeding.

“I took off my jacket and put it under his head to make him more comfortable. At the same time I was trying to watch myself as the cars kept coming past.”

After the man was moved to the pavement an ambulance arrived and Holly briefed the paramedics who treated the casualty’s cuts.

Holly then rushed back to school. She added: “I was a bit late, but the teachers said it was ok!”

Dalziel teacher Yvonne Savage was nearby and saw the injured man who had walked into the path of a car. Yvonne comforted the female driver who was badly shaken.

The teacher praised Holly, saying: “She didn’t panic and was very focused. A member of the public contacted the school about it. It’s nice she is getting some recognition.”