Activists launch campaign

Activists braved the weather to take their message to the streets.
Activists braved the weather to take their message to the streets.

SNP activists in Motherwell and Wishaw have kicked off the party’s ground campaign ahead of the Scottish Parliament election in May.

Campaigners took to the streets earlier this month with a pledge that the party would keep Scotland moving forward.

The First Minister has called for the Scottish Parliament election campaign to be the catalyst for a “great, ambitious and thriving debate” about Scotland’s future – and has made clear her determination that this is a debate the SNP will lead over the coming months.

Central Scotland MSP Clare Adamson said: “The SNP approaches this year’s Scottish Parliament election in buoyant mood and excited about the opportunity to lead a great, national debate about how we keep Scotland moving forward.

“Since coming to office in 2007, we have made substantial progress for people in Motherwell and Wishaw on so many issues – with NHS spending and staffing at record highs, exceeding our target to deliver 30,000 affordable homes, reforming the school curriculum, mitigating the “bedroom tax” and putting 1000 extra police on our streets, helping crime reach a 41-year low. Over the next four months, the SNP will be leading a positive, ambitious, debate about the future of our country – not just in government and in parliament, but in every city, town, village and street in Scotland.”