70 jobs under threat at Terex

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NEWHOUSE firm Terex Equipment Limited has announced it is to commence a formal consultation process with unions which could result in the redundancy of 70 employees.

The facility, which is based in the Newhouse Industrial Estate, manufactures articulated and rigid trucks used throughout the world’s construction and mining sectors.

The announcement comes following the lack of orders the facility has received from the key markets in which it distributes trucks, which has meant the business has had to restructure to reflect the reduced volume of work.

The Terex management team and union representatives have been working closely together to find ways of reducing the overall total as far as possible.

This includes a reduced working week and a freeze on any recruitment and non-essential over-time.

Staff members will be offered the opportunity to be considered for voluntary redundancy initially.

General manager Paul Douglas said: “It is with regret that we have to make this announcement.

“We fully understand the important role Terex plays in providing employment in the Lanarkshire community.

“My management team and I are working hard to limit the effect the downturn is having on our business and our team members but, unfortunately, the orders for trucks are not coming in which means we cannot continue to operate at the level we have been previously.

“Reducing team member numbers and a shorter working week is now an inevitable part of the actions required to provide stability and to help secure the future of the Terex facility.”

A formal 30-day discussion will begin soon, with all affected employees will be offered guidance and support.