Won’t be unknown for long

The Unknown are (l-r) Dave Walker, Brian Lawlor, Coia, Will Walker, Robert Woodside.
The Unknown are (l-r) Dave Walker, Brian Lawlor, Coia, Will Walker, Robert Woodside.

THE Unknown headline a second showcase at The Orb in Bellshill on Saturday designed to promote up and coming bands from the area.

The group, all hailing from Lanarkshire, were formed only last year, and have been busy recording and preparing for the release of their first download single ‘Friends like These’ recorded at substudio in Glasgow.

With more live shows planned for this summer the powerful guitar-driven rock five-piece, made up of drummer Brian Lawlor, bassist Robert Woodside, singer Coia and guitarists Dave and Will Walker, are also recording tracks for a full length album CD due for release in August.

Lawlor from Bellshill said: “I started playing drums at the age of eight and by 13/14 I was in dance and cover bands, but after many years this is the first time I have been involved in original material.

“I was actually in bands with Robert when we were younger, but work stopped me getting behind the drums for a long time and I didn’t see him for 15 years.

“However, since we reunited and got together with the Walkers it has been a very exciting process, none of us are young guys anymore, but what is coming together feels very special.

“I have found it much easier and much more enjoyable to be coming up with my own beats and pushing myself, rather than just copying someone else to make the song sound like it should.

“There has been a number of great drummers from Bellshill who enjoyed success such as Paul Quinn of Teenage Fanclub and Soup Dragons, Stewart Kerr of Texas and my own second cousin Tony Stafford, who was with GUN so hopefully now it can be my turn.”

Support will be provided by Loose Cannon, ML5, Scabby Queen and Tam Greirson.

Although the Orb gig has now sold out, organiser XLR Promotions is hosting another event at Alysha’s Attic in Coatbridge on May 10 with bands still to be confirmed.

Check out XLR-Promotions and unknownbandinfo on Facebook for more details.