Waiting is finally over

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BELLSHILL band The Lonely Souls will launch their first album for three years at Barrowlands 2 in Glasgow on Saturday.

Following their debut release Move Your Bones, the new album Vital Signs comes as something of a departure which the raw sound of the former replaced by a more mellow tone this time.

If Move Your Bones brought to mind a good time in some ‘backwoods’ dive, then Vital Signs is far more reflective and could almost be considered a porch song anthology.

Lead guitarist Mark Clinton says it is no surprise the band have evolved their sound.

He said: “For the first album I wrote all the songs and then found a band to perform them, this time it was much more of a collaborative effort so it was perhaps obvious that we would sound somewhat different. We try to tell stories, but now instead of just being one voice and one set of influences, there are other people’s influences and experiences to draw on and perhaps we’ve matured over time.

“In all we probably had around 20 songs to choose from and then picked the 11 best to record. The first track we laid down was Lonely Soul and when it was done I knew we had something and everything fell into place from there.

“Vital Signs is definitely more laid back than Move Your Bones, and after waiting three years to release the new album we hope people like it, early sales are going well so hopefully that will continue.”

One place where The Lonely Souls are making a name for themselves is Belgium, with their i-Tunes sales in the Low Country exceeding nearly every other market.

Mark admits he is baffled as to how this has come about.

He said: “I look at the trends for our sales and for some reason we appear to have become very popular in Belgium, but I can see no obvious reason why that should be.

“The only thing I can think is that someone has stumbled across us and liked what they heard so much that they told their friends who told other people and word of mouth just spread.

“Don’t get me wrong though, we are very happy to be getting the support and we hope they all enjoy the new album.”

The Lonely Souls are supported on Saturday by The Dirty Suits, The Schemes and The Kleptocrats with doors at 7.30pm and entry for over 18s only.

Tickets cost £6 in advance or £7 on the door, available from Tickets Scotland or call 08444 155 221.

For more information about The Lonely Souls find them on Facebook.