Uddingston festival takes shape

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SUMMERLEE Industrial Museum will present ‘b flat miner’ print at Uddingston Old Parish Church as part of Musicfest.

The half hour performance begins at 5pm on Saturday, February 16, at 5pm telling the life of a miner in song and story.

Uddingston Community Council and Uddingston Pride would like to clarify that while both are full of support for the endeavours of villager Lorna Cammock in organising Musicfest, they are not contributing financially.

However, a monetary boost has been provided by Glasgow-based bespoke music system providers Linn Products Limited, who have agreed to pay for a new banner to be hung in the village during Musicfest.

The firm came on board thanks to Uddingston resident Mark Hanson, who works for Linn, and contacted Lorna with the offer.

Lorna is busy organising venues and got an unexpected treat when she was introduced to the Chittery Bite Ceilidh Band by Boyd Tunnock who have offered to perform.

Lorna said: “They were lovely people and after I played my recorder to them they said they would come, no charge.

“There must be something about a wee old wifie going around saying she is director of a Musicfest, because looking at their website they are a seriously top ceilidh band.”

Auditions for anyone wishing to perform at Musicfest take place in the Church of the Nazarene at 7pm on Thursday, January 31.

For more information call Lorna on 01698 323437 or e-mail

See next week’s Times & Speaker as we unveil one of the festival’s headliners.