Ross has the motive for success

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A MOTHERWELL hip hop artist is making a name for himself across the world as he sets out to prove Scotland can produce performers to match his American heroes.

Seventeen-year-old Ross Mcguinness, aka Shadoh, started writing hip hop tracks from the age of 15 and has progressed from recording in his bedroom with a laptop to now featuring with other artists and independent producers through out the UK and worldwide.

These include artists such as MadHat Mcgore on the track ‘Creepin’, found on the mixtape ‘UnitWrecked’, and American Mr Fickle who joined Shadoh for ‘Things Change’ which can found on his ‘SoundCloud’ page.

Shadoh is currently producing another track with a Spanish artist and also working with Swedish and Polish producers.

He said: “When growing up my musical background consisted of American hip hop from artists such as Eminem, Obie Trice and Young Buck. I remember as a child having Eminem cassette tapes for when I would go out in my mother’s car.

“I began writing as a hobby for myself and then let one of my friends listen to a track I produced. He then convinced me to release a track to ‘Youtube’ and from there on I progressed in my music.

“I am now currently looking into booking venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh and I’m also looking at options for music videos.”

Shadoh, who now lives in Wishaw, believes that there is a big market for home grown hip hop and expects it to start flourishing in the coming years.

He said: “In my opinion I think that Scottish hip hop is going to become a very popular genre of music throughout the country as every week there are new up and coming artists taking to the scene.

“I also see the younger generation becoming involved with this and think this may possibly be the next big thing for young adolescents.

“In the early months of 2011 I founded the group called ‘The Motive’ that consists of seven members- four hip hop artists including myself, two promoters and one female singer. All of our tracks can be found on ‘Sound Cloud’ along with many other artists.

“I have three mixtapes available for free download on my Bandcamp page - ‘UnitWrecked’, ‘The Odd One Out’ and ‘This Is Ma Army’.

‘UnitWrecked’ is also a track which is found on the mixtape and was written from my personal experiences in a residential care home.

“The album ‘UnitWrecked’ alone reached 150 downloads and 1,500 plays in the space of one month, while another track ‘If I Die’ reached the maximum download limit on SoundCloud in just one week and reached 2,000 plays in two.

Also on SoundCloud I had ‘Flutterbye’, a track about relationships, reach the maximum download limit in just under two weeks, with ‘een, my latest release, having had 1,000 plays in the first week of release.”

If you would like to hear Shadoh’s work visit Facebook and Twitter for news on track releases and mixtape updates, Soundcloud for latest track releases and MCG for mixtapes.