Roman September holiday beckons

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The September holiday weekend could be the perfect chance to get to grips with the fascinating world of archaeology.

Motherwell Heritage Centre is offering the chance to take part in a Roman dig, and with it the chance to make discoveries of the sort familiar to viewers of Tony Robinson’s Time Team TV programmes.

Running on Friday, September 27, Saturday September 28 and Monday, September 30 (closed Sunday). the sessions will also allow those taking part to handle authentic ancient Roman artefacts - for example coins, pottery and everyday Roman household items.

There are practical learning workshop sessions too, where, for example, you can learn how to make a Roman-style clay pot, or some fetching Roman bead jewellery - with a small charge of £1 per craft.

The Romans never did manage to subdue the whole of Scotland, and were finally forced to abandon the Antonine Wall that links the Clyde with the Forth, but they certainly left their mark on the landscape and on history.

For more information about the Roman archaeology weekend contact the Heritage Centre on 01698 274590.