Reader John is well versed

THE row over the demolition of the recently-completed roundabout in Hamilton Road, Bellshill, has prompted one reader to put his thoughts on the issue into verse:

Oor Bridge Too Far

Dae you believe in aliens, or prophecies fae high?

The Mayan Prophecy tells us in 2012 we die,

My research that it’s feasible, bit only in Bellshill,

Where booby traps called roundabouts are built for us tae kill,

The wan they built at Aldi’s wis a warnin’ tae us a’,

An’ created by the aliens inside oor council wa’,

The ither wan at Tesco, I warn each lass and lads,

Tae circumnavigate this beast, please wear incontinence pads,

Bit John Mann’s home is special, fur they’ve trapped us in a spell,

They’ve screwed it up again ma freens, bit good news I can tell,

They built it for a fortune, demolished it for same,

Rebuilt it for a fortune, the good news I’ll explain,

The head of roads has stated that this will be done for free,

My letter’s off this evening, it’s a patio for me.

John ‘Hoagey’ Carmichael, Bellshill