Photo club honours founder member

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Members of Alba Photographic Society had much to celebrate at their Christmas night out as club treasurer and syllabus secretary Lorna McDonald became its first honorary member.

Lorna, a founding member of Alba, works tirelessly on behalf of the members and also represents the club by sitting on the committee of the Glasgow and District Photographic Union.

Society member Rob Niven said: “Lorna sits at the start of the meetings with a smile and kind word for all attending and its only then that you realise that in her guise of club treasurer she is actually after your money.

“However, its gladly handed over, it being after all the life blood of the club, without which we wouldn’t be able to keep going, nor indeed would be the case without someone with the capabilities of Lorna to manage it on our behalf.

“When something just appears to seamlessly happen, then you can be assured that Lorna has been working away behind the scenes.”

The presentation was made to Lorna by fellow co-founder and current secretary Stan Miller.