Party Ain’t Over Yet

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Get ready to rock as a Status Quo tribute act perform a hometown gig in Uddingston on Saturday night.

StatusNo return to the village’s cricket club having enjoyed a memorable show at the venue back in November.

The band, made up of NoRossi, NoParfitt, NoRhino and NoKiller, formed around 18 months ago after NoRhino, more usually known as local performer Billy Brandon, saw an advert placed by NoParfitt in a trade magazine.

Billy said: “I have been a fan of Status Quo for over 40 years so when I saw the advert I decided to find out more.

“It was clear NoParfitt was serious about it and was a really good player so I grabbed my mate NoRossi from our wedding band, The Touch, and joined up.

“We then set about finding a drummer and were lucky to find NoKiller, who admittedly wasn’t as big a Quo fan as the rest of us, but, was so experienced and has brought a lot to the band.”

NoRhino is delighted to be returning to Uddingston after the cricket club bailed them out last year.

He said: “There is a really loyal fan base for the four Quo tribute acts in Scotland.

“It is almost like a family, everyone knows each other, and the fans go to all the gigs of all the bands so there is no point in clashing dates.

“As such it means we generally only perform once every six weeks or so, which is why last November when we had a venue cancel on us at the last minute there was a bit of panic. Had we let the date go it could have been weeks before we were able to arrange a slot to perform again so we were grateful when the cricket club took a chance and agreed to step in and it was a really good night.

“We are really happy to be going back, not least because three of us live in the village and we’ll get a fantastic reception.”

Most of StatusNo’s set is comprised from the Fantastic Four era of 1972-84, but aren’t against playing tracks from across Quo’s near 50-year career.

NoRhino said: “We play all the hits, and contrary to the tired old cliche there are more than three chords involved, but the Quo themselves are still going strong so we enjoy adding new material to the set or finding an old album track that we think people will like.”

Doors open at 8pm and tickets costing £5 are available from the venue on 307068 or the band. For more information visit