Musicians write a song for Caoimhe

Caoimhe Neeson needs treatment in America as she fights a brain tumour.
Caoimhe Neeson needs treatment in America as she fights a brain tumour.

A MOTHERWELL band has joined forces with three other Scottish groups to try to raise money for a three-year old cancer victim.

Caoimhe Neeson, from Glasgow, is battling Anaplastic Ependymoma with Spinal Metastases, a grade three malignant brain tumour, and her only hope of survival is to seek specialist treatment in America.

To give Caoimhe conventional radiotherapy in this country would leave her neurologically devastated with blindness, deafness, low 
IQ and stunted growth just some of the side effects.

However, proton therapy, a revolutionary method of irradiating young children, could provide an answer, but not available in this country and will cost £200,000.

Caoimhe’s mum Joe-Anne’s best friend Jaclyn Smith has launched a JustGiving page for the tot which has so far attracted just shy of £20,000 in donations.

Jaclyn said: “The NHS has offered us no hope, very little support, and low expectations for the same disease the Americans are facing full on, aggressively battling and winning.

“Not every child can be saved, and that is the devastating realism, but statistically Caoimhe would have a better chance of survival with this treatment.

“Giving up isn’t an option!”

The likes of Scotland midfielder Robert Snodgrass has already given his backing to the appeal and now The Plimptons from Motherwell has teamed up with Colonel Mustard, the Dijon 5 and The Girobabies to release Christmas Pimping (Everybody Gimping).

The Plimpton’s guitarist Martin Smith said: “Although the cause could not be more serious, the song itself is a lighthearted look at modern consumerism, nostalgia and drunkenness, which we hope provides a fun and resolutely Scottish alternative to the more traditional Christmas music.

“In the verse the Plimptons were asked to write and sing we even managed to slip in a few nods to Christmas in Motherwell, with ‘Christmas lights flashing ‘heart of Motherwell’ a lyric.

”The single is now available on iTunes, with last year’s entirely Motherwell-themed Plimptons single as the B-side, with everything we make going to Caoimhe,”

The promotional video has already received several thousand views on Youtube and can be found at Youtube

Donations for Caoimhe can also be made by visiting JustGiving