Katie keeps in good company

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MOTHERWELL actress Katie Leung appears in the January issue of Company magazine joining fellow actress and film-maker Jennifer Lim in the regular ‘Meet my mate’ feature.

Both discuss how stage fright has bonded them, and Katie, who appeared in the Harry Potter films, also reveals that she’s so shy she’s just started a BA in acting to boost her confidence and learn other techniques.

Katie Leung (right) and Jennifer Lim

Katie Leung (right) and Jennifer Lim

Katie (25) said: “Jennifer and I first met while starring in the stage version of Wild Swans at the Young Vic Theatre in London in 2011. She was a massive support during rehearsals and the play because, believe it or not, I’m shy.

“It’s quite a common trait in many actors, but as you can imagine, it can create obstacles. For instance, when you’re being filmed you’re conscious of the tiniest, minute details – especially when the camera’s close up!

“And on stage, you have one shot to get it right – so huge pressure there. Having Jennifer by my side made it easier. We spent so long rehearsing together that by the time the play started she and I were like family.”

Jennifer (30), who appeared in Hostel, added: “When I’m playing a character, I can be anyone I want to be, so the shyness goes. Katie gets it a lot because of the role she played in Harry Potter, but getting approached in public can be embarrassing. I mean, what do you say?

“Wild Swans was Katie’s first theatre gig and it gave us a bond that I hope we’ll always have.”

The full interview with Katie and Jennifer can be read in the January issue of Company, out now.