Journey into the unknown world of Circus of Horrors

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GET your freak on as Circus of Horrors comes to Motherwell next month.

Returning to the Concert Hall, on Tuesday, March 12, this year it boasts a ‘Wolf Boy’ among its ranks, the first time in 30 years one has been seen in Britain.

Creator and Undead Ringmaster Dr Haze said: “I am constantly looking for new acts and I was telling this to an agent from Las Vegas when we were in negotiations about taking the show over there.

“He asked what I was after and I said I’d always wanted a Wolf Boy, but there are only 50 in the world and 24 are from one family in Mexico.

“The agent told me he knew of one and the lad has fitted in great, he’s a really nice kid and has very good skills and given it’s 30 years since we had one in the UK it is something very different.”

Dr Haze started the circus 18 years ago, as he felt the old style ‘big top’ was becoming stale.

He said: “I was born in a circus and became a fire eater at the age of 11, but during the mid 80s it became all too apparent that the circus really needed to modernise.

“It was just around that time that the animal rights started to kick up and some circuses did try without the animals, but it wasn’t the same and then Circus Archaos was asked to play in Edinburgh.

“It did good business, but wasn’t run very well, and ultimately went bankrupt, but set a precedent and in 1995 we opened at Glastonbury, and went down really well.

“This was all before Cirque De Soleil, we did big events for a few years and then 12 years ago created a touring version for theatres and have seen a rise in business of 20 per cent over the past year, which is incredible in a time of recession.”

Of course the past year saw Circus of Horrors achieve further fame on Britain’s Got Talent, which Dr Haze says was a necessary evil.

He said: “I really didn’t enjoy the experience, I was worried that the judges would slag us or we’d get buzzed off, although of course that never happened and we made it to the final.

“It was an opportunity, to take our show to the mainstream and clearly the mainstream liked what they saw, presumably evident by our recent success.

“Yes we get the teenage goths, but I grew up with the likes of T-Rex and the Sweet, and the show features some cracking rock music so appeals to those who were born in the 1960s and 70s.

“Everything we do has a forked tongue firmly planted in cheek and audiences seem to love the show. We got a great reception in Motherwell last year and are delighted to come back.”

The show, suitable for 16+ only, starts at 7.30pm with tickets costing £22 (concession £18/back two rows of stalls £15) available by calling the box office on 01698 403120 or visit NLC Entertainment.