North Lanarkshire homeowners may qualify for free boiler

As winter approaches, home heating is more important than ever. Ecosave Installations is encouraging North Lanarkshire homeowners to seek support to keep their house energy efficient.

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Wednesday, 23rd September 2020, 10:45 am
As winter approaches, home heating is more important than ever.
As winter approaches, home heating is more important than ever.

Home-owners in North Lanarkshire may qualify for a fully-funded replacement boiler and installation, says Ecosave Installation Ltd, which is advising people to check online to assess if they qualify for assistance making their home for energy efficient and free installation of a replacement boiler.

Utilising the government-backed 'ECO' (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, Ecosave has provided free or partially funded boilers to homeowners across the UK, and is now encouraging North Lanarkshire residents to sign up to the scheme.

The scheme exists to help replace inefficient boilers within homes. Energy inefficient homes may also qualify for additional energy-saving measures such as loft, cavity wall, and underfloor insulation.

In order to qualify, the home-owner or someone living within the household must be on one of the qualifying benefits: Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credit, Child Benefit, Pension Credit, ESA, JSA, Disability Allowance, Universal Credit, Income Support, DLA or PIP. However, within North Lanarkshire, there are other routes to receive ECO funding for those not on benefits, and customers are advised to get in touch with Ecosave Installations to discuss.

Assessing your eligibility for the scheme is as simple as filling out an online form.

If home-owners qualify, they then receive a free, no obligation survey of their home.

63 per cent of Ecosave customers receive their new boiler for free, while those that do not qualify for a free boiler pay on average £300 for a replacement boiler, a saving of several thousand. Ecosave Installations can help customers to access cash-back, low-cost loans and grants where they don't qualify for an entirely free boiler.

The ECO scheme exists to assist residents to reduce domestic energy bills, improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2015, Ecosave Installations has been at the vanguard of the ECO Scheme in Scotland and North England. In the past 12 months alone the firm has provided £10 million heating bill savings, thanks to their energy saving solutions. Ecosave has over 40 years of experience in quantity surveying and building refurbishment, making them a trusted source of help and advice for those looking to retrofit the insulation and heating within their home.

Ecosave exclusively install 'Ideal Boilers' as their replacement boilers, which are of the highest standard. Installations are fitted by gas-safe engineers.

To learn more about the scheme, visit

To take the 60 second assessment to see if you qualify, visit the website or phone Ecosave Installations Ltd to discuss 01419529004