Frying fish . . . just one of Jake’s many talents

Jake Morley demonstrates his unique lap slapping technique
Jake Morley demonstrates his unique lap slapping technique

With his trademark upturned horizontal guitar and fun, but deeply personal lyrics, if there is any justice in a world Jake Morley is destined to be a huge break-out star - whether he likes it or not.

The Londoner’s debut album Many Fish To Fry has received more than deserved critical acclaim.

He arrives in Lanarkshire tomorrow (Friday) as part of series of intimate gigs, playing at Berits & Brown in Eurocentral.

The 28-year-old Notting Hill native spoke to the Times & Speaker explained his unique playing style, known as ‘lap slapping’.

Jake said: “I’ve played guitar most of my life, but three or four years ago I was looking for some inspiration and just started experimenting.

“I also play piano and drums and it is a way to combine all three instruments into one style.”

The album was produced by Phill Brown who has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars including Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jake’s hero John Martyn.

However, despite the collective legendary status of Brown’s former clients, Jake says he is more interested in making music than fame.

He said: “I have no interest in fame, I want to make music and I’m not even too bothered if anyone else likes it or not - although obviously it is something of a bonus and very gratifying if they do.”

Many Fish To Fry is available from Amazon and check out You Tube for a number of Jake’s videos and live performances, including the incredible stop motion promo for the Many Fish To Fry single, which fans Melody Wood and James Beck took five months to make.

Jake’s gig at Berits & Brown starts at 8pm and tickets can be purchased for just £5.

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