Colette Vision

EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

Readers are invited to send their problems, dilemmas and even dreams to Colette’s postbag.

She then uses tarot cards and her gift to provide an answer.

Here’s this week’s top question and answer -

Q: I miscarried a baby last year and want to fall pregnant again but I couldn’t go through another loss.

I know I would be a good mum. Do you see a healthy baby for me?

C, Motherwell

A: My heart goes out to you. It is hard enough to miscarry any baby but when it is your first pregnancy it is very, very hard.

There are no guarantees in life but your cards don’t show miscarriage in your future.

So maybe just take a deep breath and try again.

I see a lovely wee girl for you who will carry the psychic genes that run in your family.

You may want to talk to me about her gift in the future.

She will be funny, clever and extremely tuned in. She won’t be your only one.

A wee word of warning though - your skin isn’t suitable for tanning so please, please think twice about your sunbed usage. Not good!

For more and details of how to contact Colette, see this week’s Times & Speaker.