Colette Vision

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EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

Readers are invited to send their problems, dilemmas and even dreams to Colette’s postbag.

She then uses tarot cards and her gift to provide an answer.

Here’s this week’s top question and answer -

Q: I know you get asked about love a lot but I am desperate.

I have two failed marriages behind me and am only 32.

I thought both were the love of my life when I met them and had the big weddings and then it all went downhill.

I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. All I want is a nice man and a family of my own.

Kids just never happened and I worry about that too.

What do you see for me and can you see if I did anything wrong in the past that made everything fail?


A: I see that you are a very sensitive and romantic person.

This is lovely but combined with a love of ‘being in love’, it can make you too impulsive and able to ignore inner doubts.

Both of your exes look like charismatic career workaholics.

Potentially good providers but not that great at emotional intelligence.

I do see love ahead of you and it will be deeper and more significant. It will bring you the love and children you desire.

I see either a connection via travel or the internet but don’t worry, even if there is distance, it will still work for you.

I feel you suffer from migraines. Why not have them looked at again as a new treatment may well help you.

For more and details of how to contact Colette, see this week’s Times & Speaker.