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EVERY week, top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision on readers’ problems, dilemmas and even dreams exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

She is sitting two Highers but doesn’t expect to do well in them.

She doesn’t want to go to college and doesn’t want to try for a job in a shop as that would be ‘boring’.

I have worked in shops all my life and get angry when she says this.

She doesn’t want a job caring for people, doesn’t want to work in a pub, nothing I suggest is good enough for her.

I am at my wits’ end. You answer so many questions about boys who are hard work, but with me it is my daughter.

My son went into a garage to work and is doing well for himself, working and learning as he goes.

I am demented with her and don’t know what to do.

It’s more annoying because she is quite clever and could have done well if she had put in the work.

What do you see for her?

Worried mum, Motherwell

A: I can see your frustration. I also see cards of real worry for you that your daughter may go off the rails and become pregnant and have to make do with much less than you want for her.

I do not see any horrible things ahead of her actually, but you have a proper little madam on your hands and she needs a few wake up calls.

You need to stop supporting her the way you have been.

Don’t buy her make-up and toiletries or pay for her phone unless she really starts looking for a job.

She needs to learn about being grown up now and take responsibility for herself.

This won’t be popular but it is necessary or she will not make an effort.

I see two possibilities for her. One seems linked to her brother’s company and would be an admin role which she would hate but would be good for her. He might not like having her around though.

The other is to see if she can apply for something creative at college. She would thrive in a creative environment. She just has to pin down what she would like to study.

If you pull the rug from under her soon she will be forced to make one choice or the other. I bet it will be college!

Keep an eye on your own stomach and seek help for bad indigestion. Your stress is beginning to harm you.

An ‘Alison’ will help your daughter to see her way forward after you have set her a deadline for choosing.

Q: I had a breakdown two years ago and am fully recovered now.

I can’t get a job though and I think it is due to my health record.

I want to help others who suffer from depression or anxiety but don’t know what to do about it.

I also want to ask if you see my wife and me ever getting back together?

I miss her and feel lonely most of the time. Or if not, will I meet someone nice soon?

Capricorn, South Lanarkshire

A: The cards do suggest that you have truly closed the negative cycle in your life and can move on without worry of relapse or bad depression again.

Well done! You should be so proud of yourself.

This cycle does seem to include your marriage too though, so I feel you should be looking to new beginnings with someone new.

Your wife will always be precious to you and you to her, but I see she will not risk being involved with anyone who might suffer from depression or anxiety.

This is her choice and you will need to respect it.

The card of education is out for you and shows that you should be able to train for a qualification in whatever you feel strongly about.

You are now here to help others and will do so well in this role.

Don’t let loneliness overwhelm you as the future is looking very bright for you emotionally.

I see a lovely link with an air sign, a younger female who would adore you. She seems to have a son and would want to share her life with you totally.

I feel she will come when you start to look for new beginnings in your career.

An Alexander in spirit is proud of you and says he is fine.

The only way is forward now - don’t look back!