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EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

It hardly heats up at all and I am sitting in the cold every day until the low rate begins as we can’t afford the high rate.

My husband is one in a million.

I don’t know what I would do without him. But as he is still working, I am the one sitting in the cold.

I have been waiting on another house for nine years.

Do you see us moving this year?

I am asthmatic and have arthritis and have had chest infections.

This house is making me ill and I am losing heart. Can you put my mind at rest?

Also, will my son be safe?

Name and address supplied

A: I feel so sorry reading your letter, no one should be cold. It is a basic human right.

I feel you are becoming more cut off as well and isolated.

The only way I see you moving in the year ahead is if you have more intervention by your doctor or even a consultant.

So you may have to push to get letters and more from these people but it will be worth it.

I feel June might be lucky for you and even an exchange might be worth looking into.

Meanwhile take extra care of your health and keep your circulation going as much as you can.

Maybe try to buy a wee carnelian crystal?

I have arthritis and I ease it by rubbing it with my carnelian, especially when it is cold. It takes away inflammation.

Your son will be fine. I am not convinced he will be going where he has been told.

There may be stormy weather elsewhere and changes in legal stuff that change his destination. He will be fine.

I will put you on my healing list and hope you can achieve what you need.

I feel that an old grandmother is around trying to keep you warm and also someone called ‘Ruth’ from your past.

Q: I wonder if you see any chance of a baby for me this year or further ahead.

I am with a new partner and so want a child with him.

Any information would be good?

Facebook addict,


A: Honey, your cards are a wee bit odd as I feel that you may actually be in your forties and nearing or starting menopause.

I sense two grown-up children and even a grandchild.

If I am wrong, sorry.

But please go and have a wee talk to your GP about fertility so he can put your mind at rest.

Or do a blood test which would show just how fertile you may or not be.

I can see in your cards that you are with your soulmate and he is a wee bit younger than you.

I see marriage ahead and much happiness so don’t let the issue of children spoil that.

Why not join me on Facebook? I am a wee bit addicted too!

Q: Will my son ever be back in touch with me? I miss him so much.

We fell out over six years ago and he has refused to talk to me. I have written to him and phoned, but he says that he can’t have me in his life.

This was all due to a misunderstanding with his partner who said I was malicious behind her back. I don’t think I was but have apologised anyway, many times.

He is my only son and I would love to see him again. Can you give me hope?

M, North Lanarkshire

A: I feel you should write another letter to him.

The cards suggest that a time of anger is about to come to an end and that forgiveness will be there for you.

Old wounds are healing and you can be a mum again. So try to contact him again.

Incidentally, the past cards show you were malicious to his partner and that she has been so hurt by your words.

So maybe learn from it all and when you are accepted back, watch your mouth.

No one likes a busybody with outdated opinions.

Q: What do you see ahead for my husband’s health?

He has been very ill and I can’t relax thinking I might lose him.

He didn’t deserve what happened to him and I just want him to be well again.


A: You must have been worried sick! You have taken much of his burden just by keeping his spirits up.

I see that he will have to live with a bit of pain especially in his back, but it will be controlled.

He will need medication for his stomach and will need to take extra care with his eyesight.

However, I do see progress to better health in the next six months and some quite nice family celebrations for you both.

Relax. He will be ok!

lPlease note: I can’t answer the same thing twice.

If you have had a reply it would be unfair on others for me to redo it, try to wait and see. Give the prediction time to come to fruition.

Sending multiple letters or e-mails just adds to confusion.