Choral Shield returns home

Winners Barclay based their performance on 'anatomy'.
Winners Barclay based their performance on 'anatomy'.
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DALZIEL High’s annual Choral Shield event returned ‘home’ this year.

Having been decamped to the Clyde Auditorium, the youngsters of Greig, Barclay and Colville houses were back at Motherwell Concert Hall to find out who had the most entertaining routine.

The houses had full control over every aspect of the performance taking the lead from their captains.

They selected the themes and songs, designed and produced the sets and costumes, developed choreography and organised all rehearsals.

This year’s themes were Greig - movement, Barclay - anatomy and Colville - heartbreak. The audience was thrilled by the effort and commitment of the pupils and the performances of each were oustanding.

However there could only be one winner, and in the end it was Barclay who won a close contest to lift the Choral Shield trophy.