Celebrating in song

The P7 class at St Teresa's with Ian Livingstone (back, left) and headteacher Jim Prentice.
The P7 class at St Teresa's with Ian Livingstone (back, left) and headteacher Jim Prentice.

PUPILS at St Teresa’s Primary in Newarthill are set to Celebrate Lanarkshire 2013 by creating their own song to mark the bi-centenary of Blantyre-born explorer and missionary David Livingstone.

They eagerly indicated their wish to become involved in the celebratory year as the Lanarkshire Civic Pride Campaign, Supercounty, plans to highlight the county’s rich history and culture. The P7 class discussed various Scottish icons and unanimously agreed that they would like to learn more about David Livingstone.

Headteacher Jim Prentice said: “The class researched David Livingstone through various media outlets and after collating a vast amount of information, wondered how they could best make use of it.

“The class approached me and their class teacher Sheila Fleming with the wish to write and perform a song about the explorer, and without hesitation I said yes. The children worked with Robin Cairns and Eliot Murray and have written a wonderful piece – The David Livingstone Song. They showed a maturity and genuine willingness to learn and succeed and I’m sure that anyone who has the opportunity to hear the piece will be amazed.

“The class will be performing their piece at various events and assemblies and also to a range of audiences over the coming months.

“They will also be recording their song within recording studios – again a wonderful opportunity for the children.”

Supercounty chairman Ian Livingstone paid a visit to St Teresa’s to hear a sneak preview of the song.

He said: “The pupils at St Teresa’s Primary have shown an excellent attitude to both the Celebrating Lanarkshire 2013 and the David Livingstone bi-centenary celebrations.

“The children have combined both projects with outstanding results and they should be exceptionally proud of their achievements. This is just the start of these activities at St Teresa’s Primary and I’m sure they will continue to develop exciting projects all through our celebratory year.”

The pupils are planning a visit to the Blantyre birthplace museum of David Livingstone in the near future.