Amateur dramatic group searches for secretary

HAMILTON Operatic and Dramatic Club is looking for a new secretary to take over at its annual general meeting later this month.

The club, formed in 1903, has a playing membership of over 60 and presents at least one show a year in either Motherwell Concert Hall or Hamilton Town House. After a successful production of Fiddler on the Roof in Motherwell last year, in 2013 the club returns to Hamilton to perform The Slipper and the Rose, a musical adaptation of Cinderella.

Weekly rehearsals run from mid-January to May and mid-August until show time in November in the Burnbank Centre.

The role of secretary involves general administration for the club, including attendance at weekly committee meetings, dealing with correspondence, representing the club at various local meetings, acting as the main point of contact for the club and helping front of house during show week. A small honoraria is available.

The AGM takes place on Tuesday, January 22, in the Burnbank Centre.

For further details e-mail current secretary Lesley Smith or call 01698 385627.