Zombie outbreak in Lanarkshire

Watch out for the zombies
Watch out for the zombies

Lanarkshire has become a toxic environment after patients trialling a drug for encephalitis have suffered adverse reactions.

Patients displaying ‘zombie like features’ have spent the last 24 hours terrorising locals and causing chaos on the roads.

The volunteers had been attending the Ledbetter Research Facility in Motherwell where they have been receiving treatment in a bid to combat the disease.

Professor Ledbetter has been working tirelessly with experts from around the world to create cutting edge medicines which will control such illnesses.

The volunteers in question have become completely unresponsive and are prone to violent outbursts.

The facility is working through the night to ensure all patients displaying this behaviour are taken into isolation to avoid any further damage to society.

Professor Ledbetter, said: “These complications are completely normal in such a complex medical trial.

“Staff at the centre are confident that all the volunteers can be located and brought into isolation to undergo further tests.

“We are committed to finding a cure and will continue to work with the authorities to bring this situation under control.

“I would encourage the public to stay away from anyone displaying any symptoms and contact a member of my team immediately.”

If you do come into contact with a patient, please call 01698 333777 immediately.

NB: This is a spoof article for the real story click here