Shopper shocked by mouldy old dough

Doughnuts 'disgusting' said Kirstie
Doughnuts 'disgusting' said Kirstie

A shopper was shocked to find mould on mini doughnuts a week before their ‘best before’ date.

Kirstie Mitchell bought the cakes from Motherwell’s Poundland to snack on at work. She said: “I had eaten a couple before I noticed mould on the others. It’s disgusting.

“I felt a bit queasy the next day, but I don’t know if it was because what I’d eaten was on my mind.” Kirstie (20), of Wishaw, said she got a refund, a box of biscuits and the promise of a voucher from the store, but felt she had to fight for these.

Poundland said: “We’ll be asking Simply Doughnuts, who make these, why Kirstie’s doughnuts didn’t live up to her or our expectations.

“We’ve asked stores to see whether any other packs are affected. We’re grateful she brought this to our attention.”