Safety concern raised at clinic

Bellshill Community Health Clinic
Bellshill Community Health Clinic

Flaws have been spotted in the construction of Bellshill Community Health Clinic, but officials insist there is no cause for concern.

The Greenmoss Place building was one of many inspected across the country following concerns about the safety of schools in Edinburgh.

NHS Lanarkshire admitted this week that “potential improvements” could be made.

Authorities were urged to carry out checks for defects if buildings met certain criteria in relation to age and construction typey.

NHS Lanarkshire’s John Paterson said: “We identified five properties, including the Bellshill clinic, which met this criteria. Intrusive sampling surveys have now been completed and the results are being assessed in conjunction with technical consultants.

“While some issues for potential improvement were noted, none are thought to be serious. Any appropriate remedial works to NHS Lanarkshire properties which the consultants recommend will be commissioned.”

The clinic provides a range of health services but has also been home to John Street GP practice since its surgery was destroyed by fire more than seven years ago.

The practice, which has around 8000 patients, was criticised for not having proper insurance which meant it could not build a new surgery and instead had to take up space in the clinic.