Rats run wild in neighbourhood

Motherwell residents have reported they are experiencing issues with rodent infestations.

Tuesday, 21st July 2020, 4:55 pm
A resident rubbished the claims that the issue wasn’t serious - by saying rats were all over the place near her home
A resident rubbished the claims that the issue wasn’t serious - by saying rats were all over the place near her home

A resident of Cumbrae Drive, who asked to remain anonymous, flagged up ongoing problems affecting several residences in the vicinity.

The resident, who said neighbours had first drawn their attention to the problems, said:  “I can confirm that I and all my neighbours have rats. We have all contacted the council who want £47.50 off each household to get rid of them, which I am prepared to pay but no one else feels they should need to pay for it.”

The resident said rodents were also getting into the lofts and causing noise at night, and provided photos and video evidence to back up these claims.

Council depute leader Paul Kelly is a local representative for Motherwell West. He said: “I have made contact with the local resident in order take this matter up with the council.

“Regarding the £47.75 charge for pest control, the council was forced to introduce such a charge due to the catastrophic budget cuts imposed on the council by the SNP Scottish Government.

“The council has now suffered over 13 years of cuts to the budget, we have seen recently just how vital council services are in the battle against coronavirus and they should be funded properly and fairly.”

Another Motherwell West councillor, Meghan Gallacher, said she too had spoken to the constituent and would also raise the issue with the council.

Last week several SNP councillors complained that hot weather and fly tipping – which has increased during the coronavirus lockdown – was creating ideal breeding conditions for rats, and problems had been widely reported by constituents.

The group’s environmental spokesman William Goldie said: “Over the past weeks, residents have reported infestations in many areas and report damage to homes, outbuildings and gardens.

“With a number of residents currently ‘shielding’ due to existing  medical conditions the fact that rats can carry many diseases  only increases the requirement for urgent action to be taken across the authority.”

However, environmental convener Michael McPake said these claims were “misleading” and insisted appropriate action was being taken in response to any “rare sightings” of rats. He added that North Lanarkshire was also maintaining full refuse collection services.