Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust celebrates its 21st birthday

Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust volunteers at the 'Thank You Night'
Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust volunteers at the 'Thank You Night'

Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust held a special ‘Thank You Night’ for the men and women who volunteer their services at it celebrated its 21st birthday.

The independent charity provides volunteer drivers to take cancer patients to hospital appointment, clinics and day-care facilities.

Any cancer patient within the NHS Lanarkshire area can ask for help, with the service primarily used by people who have no other means of getting to their appointments and couldn’t cope with hospital transport.

In the last year 104 volunteer drivers took 14,430 patients to appointments, covering a distance equivalent to driving to the moon and back of 471,291 while reimbursing fuel costs of £150,813.12p.

Alex Brown, a Trustee of the charity’s Board, said: “We’re very proud to reach our 21st year and to celebrate the event with our magnificent volunteers, who live in every town in Lanarkshire.

“We need to raise over £4000 every week and 85 per cent of the Trust’s funding is raised by the patients and the general public in the form of donations and special fundraising events.

“Our volunteer drivers give their time and vehicles free of charge. We repay them for their fuel and telephone costs, and we’re always looking for more drivers to help our expanding service in Lanarkshire.

We truly are - A Local Charity, Helping Local People.”

For more information visit or call 01698 355137.