Daniel is inspired to follow biking dream

Daniel Sradzinski
Daniel Sradzinski

A man who lost his arm to cancer has successfully learned to ride a motorbike at a Motherwell training school.

Daniel Sradzinski (26) was diagnosed with cancer three years and after a long time fighting for his life, he lost his left arm.

He was inspired by former soldier Chris Garley, who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, after seeing him on YouTube.

Daniel contacted Chris and got so much advice and support to give him the confidence to start his biking journey.

With the help of his friend he converted a 125cc bike for his needs, learned the basic controls on his driveway.

Unfortunately finding a school to train him properly wasn’t so easy and after being turned down by several places Daniel, who lives in Livingston, approached Route 66 in Motherwell.

After many questions and phone calls to the insurance company and then to the DVSA there didn’t seem to be any reason why the Crosshill Street company couldn’t take him on as a student.

Trieda Hill of Route 66, said: “Daniel’s bike looked very different from anything I had ever seen and we watched this young man on the pad with amazement.

“He worked so hard and did every element on the CBT with such determination and skill with his right hand. Everything is on the right hand handlebar – clutch and break, horn and indicator.

“I asked him why he wanted to ride a motorcycle. He said he wanted to loose himself in his motorcycle, forget his troubles and be free.

“I have seen many people go through their CBT. Some with ease and some that struggled, but got there in the end but I have never been happier than I am after seeing this incredible you man start his journey to freedom.”

Daniel, who has recently become a father, is now aiming to get some money together to buy a big bike and get his full motorcycle license.

Trieda said: “The other bike schools that refused him have lost out on something very special by not teaching this amazing young man how to ride because this is a happy day that I will never forget and I can’t wait until he finds the right bike and comes to train with us to do his full DAS.”

The Steemit online magazine has set up a Go Fund Me page for daniel which can be found at www.gofundme.com/89v8v6-daniel039s-motorcycle-dream.

Kate Mitchell, who set up the appeal, said: “Any support to help Daniel is not only a step towards a life changing achievement, but also a great thank you to a inspirational guy.

“For reminding us that set backs in life don’t define us, they may just be the start of something greater.”