Village street has UK’s fastest broadband

St Teresa's Church is located on Benford Avenue, Newarthill
St Teresa's Church is located on Benford Avenue, Newarthill

A street in Newarthill has the fastest broadband in the UK, an analysis of Internet speeds has revealed.

Data collected by shows Benford Avenue saw average speeds peak at 177.009Mbps over the past 12 months – 260 times faster than the slowest street in Britain, which is in Suffolk.

Meanwhile, Airbles Crescent in Motherwell is also ranked in the top 30 fastest streets across the UK at number seven with an average speed of 141.334Mbps

South Lanarkshire’s fastest street is Mauchline Court in Hamilton which rounds off the top 30 at 125.773Mbps.

Scotland’s slowest street is Craigflower Road in Glasgow at 1.028Mbps, however this is still over a third quicker than Britain’s slowest broadband which can be found in Thorpe Lane in Trimley St Martin, at just 0.679Mbps.

Residents have to endure over 21 hours to download a two-hour HD film on Netflix and nearly eight hours to download a 45-minute HD television show.

On Benford Avenue, however, it should take just five minutes for the two-hour film and 109 seconds for the TV programme.

Father William Bergin, parish priest at St Teresa’s Church on Benford Avenue, said: “I have broadband in my office in the church and I’ve never thought about it before, but it is quite fast.

“If I Google something, it is there instantly. I always use it for things like iPlayer and YouTube and I never have any problems playing video.

“It’s amazing that we are 260 times faster than the slowest street – I’m going to be telling everyone I meet about it.”