Thorniewood United hopes to reopen social club in ‘next few months’

Thorniewood United Social Club closed at the weekend.
Thorniewood United Social Club closed at the weekend.

Thorniewood United FC hopes to reopen the social club at Robertson Park in the coming months following its closure at the weekend.

Last week the social club committee put a statement on Facebook to tell the members it was handing control over to the football club.

It read: “There has been a lot of rumours and speculation surrounding the future of the club and I am deeply saddened to inform you that these rumours are true.

“The club will have its last day of business on Sunday, January 29, and we are unaware what the new management are planning to do with it.

“We have tried our hardest to keep this club in the hands of the members and the people of Viewpark but sadly the people who will have control of the running of the club will, as of Monday, be the members of the Thorniewood Football Club committee. “

The football club received the keys to the social club today (Tuesday) are now assessing what future it may have.

Secretary Ian McLachlan said: “We have had possession of the social club returned to our control following the departure of the former Thorniewood United Social Club Committee.

“The social club is now closed and will remain closed while we assess its future viability, arrange for the transfer of the license and obtain quotes for the renovation and refurbishment of what is a very run down property.

“It is hoped that we will be able to reopen this facility within the next few months

“Anyone who made bookings with the previous social club committee should contact us on 07908818876 for further guidance.”