Bellshill man jets home to 50k win

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Tommy Hilan, an HGV mechanic from Bellshill, arrived home from a holiday to Turkey £50k richer after winning Clyde 1’s Cash Register on Friday, September 27.

Greeted off their flight at Glasgow Airport by the Clyde 1 team in the early hours, Tommy and his family were presented with a giant winning cheque for £50,531.23, the figure which Tommy won after correctly remembering the sequence.

Tommy had written down the number earlier in the day and when the phone rang, he couldn’t believe it.

And he almost couldn’t answer the call, as his hands were still covered in sun cream.

Encouraged by presenter Callum Gallacher, Tommy got wife Aileen, daughter Rachel-Anne and grandson Reuben into the room before repeating the winning sequence, so they were all ready to celebrate the massive windfall.

Winner Tommy Hilan said: “I enter the competition all the time - even when I’m on holiday - so I can’t believe I’ve actually won.

“I work nightshift, so every morning when I get home, I sit in the car and wait to hear the amount, write it down, then head to bed, getting up in time to hear the competition in the afternoon.

“Winning Cash Register was the most incredible way to end our holiday and being greeted by Clyde 1 presenters Callum and Meg at the airport, especially given the early hour, was a lovely surprise that just added to the experience,” he said.

“So many people from our flight held back to see who they were waiting for.

“We feel very fortunate and haven’t had the chance to properly think about what we’ll spend the money on, though my wife is keen for another holiday!”

Presenter Callum Gallacher said: “When the phone rang and it was a different dial-tone to usual, I was a little bemused, then Tommy answered.

“It was great to greet him and his family at the airport with his big cheque and with that Cash Register cash in their pockets.

“I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re jetting off again!”